Yo we got that Benchmasters magazine for all you freight killers out there! This magazine is on point! Great content, raw, and well put together just like a graff magazine should be. If you collect graffiti literature, Benchmasters is a must have for the library. Got the first two issues to choose from. These joints measure 6x9 inches in a landscape format, loaded with some fresh color flicks on some good ass book-like quality paper and saddle stitched binding. A lot of love went into this product and it definitely reflects!

Issue one has 48 pages and showcases the work of Spek of YME. This issue also includes narratives from Spek and many other credible writers like Arsn, Hare, Rich, Ted, Shot, Learn, and the Solo Artist.

Issue two has 50 pages and puts Mone RIS in the spotlight. This issue includes narratives from Mone and hitters such as Yes2, Cav, Skeme, Sento, Duel, Smith, Faipe, Billy Schon, Learn, Reas, and Noah.

Both great issues, both worth getting! Don't miss out and keep your eyes peeled for the next issue!! Extras included.


  • Issue 1: Spek YME Edition
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  • Issue 2: Mone RIS Edition
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